2010 - 2013 Programs

September 17, 2012   Business Meeting and Edie Weilemann

Following our business meeting, Guild member, Edie Weilemann, will help us to jump start the holiday season with a miniature needle pointed Christmas stocking ornament. This can be done in several color ways and will be delightful addition to your holiday decorations.                               Workshop:  $15     Kit:  $35   Total cost: $50

October 15, 2012        Bobbie Butler

Prize winning quilt artist and teacher, Bobbie Butler, will present a lecture of her work as a quilt artist and share her quilts with us. In the workshop, she will teach us the latest craze, wool appliqué embroidery. You will have the opportunity to make a candle mat decorated with wool appliquéd geraniums. This lovely mat will add to your home décor and expand ways to use your needle.       Workshop:  $15    Kit: $         Total cost: $ 45

November 19, 2012    Catherine Redford

Want to learn something new?  Catherine Redford is a nationally known quilt teacher, speaker, and fiber artist. She is certified to teach African Folklore Embroidery designs produced by Leora Raikin of South Africa who has brought the traditional arts of her homeland to needle workers in North America.  This project will not only teach you a new skill but leave you with a unique and decorative piece for your home. You will have a choice of designs. Catherine will also provide a lecture, A Safari through American Folklore prior to the workshop. For more information about Catherine go to www.catherineredford.com.  Workshop: $15  Kit: $30  Total cost: $45

January 21, 2013        Business Meeting and Teri Sanfilippo

Our long awaited opportunity for Guild member, Teri Sanfilippo to teach us to make her beautiful pin cushions will finally be here. Following our business meeting Teri will share her skill with us so we can make pin cushions for ourselves or to give as gifts.                                                                                   Workshop:  $15   Kit: $  Total cost: $

February 18, 2013      Libby Sturdy

Our own talented Guild member, Libby always has something interesting to share with us. After a lecture, she will teach a “reduce your stash” needle point workshop. There will be small charge for the canvas design Libby will draw but the rest will come from your stash.          Workshop:  $15      Kit: $15-20   Total cost:  $30-45

March 18, 2013          Sara Hochhauser

Our Guild member Sara Hochhauser is a multi-talented fiber artist and will share with us her journey through many mediums and techniques. Her workshop on silk dying was enjoyed by a few members last year but after seeing the beautiful scarves produced, we needed an encore so more of us can have the opportunity to learn this technique.                                                                                                                Workshop:   $15    Kit:  $25   Total cost:  $40

April 15, 2013             Business Meeting and Coleen Walter

This will be a business meeting and election of officers and will be followed by a workshop. Guild member, Coleen Walter, has learned a technique of producing a picture suitable for framing from fused fabrics. Although the workshop will not require a “needle with an eye”, you can embellish your picture with any decorative stitches prior to framing and hanging it.                                   Workshop:  $15  Kit: $28  Total cost:  $43

May 13, 2013             Field Trip Fine Line in St. Charles

If you have never visited the Fine Line in St. Charles, be certain not to miss this trip. Since 1979, this organization has devoted itself to fiber arts. Classes are given in crochet, spinning, papermaking, pottery, basket making, knitting, and painting. At 10:30 a.m., a tour and power point presentation will be presented to us and then we will have time to explore the shops and classrooms prior to eating lunch at a local area restaurant. There will be a $5 donation collected from each attendee to be given to the Fine Line to continue their work.    

Susan McBurney,
Sep 5, 2012, 11:56 AM